You never know where a book you give might travel

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You never know where a book you give might travel — or who it might impact with the message of Jesus Christ.

Every summer, thousands of people from North Africa and the Middle East cross the Mediterranean Sea by ferry to vacation in Europe. When it’s time to return home, they wait in long ferry lines at European ports, often sitting for hours in their car.

In this time of freedom from their home countries, our teams approach tens of thousands of people with a FREE gift: a packet containing a New Testament, a special two-language “flip book” version of More Than a Carpenter (French/Arabic or Spanish/Arabic) and other Christian resources.

When one of our teams serving in a port city of Spain met a group of travelers who wanted to talk about faith, they sat down and started a conversation. As they shared the gospel, the topic of eternal life came up. One man, who had reluctantly taken a packet, reached inside and pulled out the More Than a Carpenter. Because the book was translated into his language, he opened it up and began reading a random page. That page just so happened to address the question of eternal life —the very topic the group had been discussing just moments before!

Suddenly, the man was no longer hesitant to take the entire packet home with him. He realized that the book inside was important and could answer his questions about faith.

This is just one example of how God can use a book to guide someone to the truth. Every time you give to projects like Port Cities, you are helping men and women around the world learn about Jesus in their own language.

Share the gospel through More Than a Carpenter and other Christ-centered resources!

Propaga el amor de Dios

Propaga el amor de Dios