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Passing on truth

We live in a post-Christian culture. Truth is considered relative. Faith is viewed as pluralistic. Relational, moral and spiritual brokenness abound. As believers how do we live out a reliable, relevant and relational faith and and pass it on to the next generation?

For over 55 years, Josh has focused on sharing classical, relational and moral apologetic resources that reach seekers, equip leaders and strengthen families. Today he still speaks to thousands across the United States and writes new books every year. Now more than ever his passion is to help people know the truth about Jesus and then live, defend and share their faith with others.

Associate Communicators Team

In order to impact even more people and reach the next generation with God’s truth, the ministry has assembled a team of Associate Communicators to come alongside Josh. Alex McLellan is a seasoned speaker, author and apologist who has spoken around the world and has also released two books. His messages are focused on classic apologetics and how we can share God’s truth in fresh ways with those around us.

Ben Bennett and Jake Kissack come from a background in Cru’s Campus Ministry. They are focused on relational and moral apologetics — or a “wholeness apologetic” — that helps young adults overcome past woundedness and experience relational, spiritual and emotional wholeness.

Together with Josh the team shares apologetic messages that communicate God’s truth in ways that are relevant, reliable and relational — reaching the lost and helping believers live out a vibrant faith.

Books and New Releases

In addition to teaching at live events, our team is focused on developing evangelistic and discipleship resources that further equip men, women and young adults to understand and live out God’s truth.

Josh has written over 150 books that have been translated into more than 126 languages worldwide. Currently he is working on the Evidence That Demands a Verdict curriculum, including teaching videos and a study guide that can be used in a small group or classroom setting.

Wholeness Out of Woundedness is being written by Josh and our Associate Communicators, Ben Bennett and Jake Kissack. It focuses on the “wholeness apologetic” and how biblical truth helps us overcome past woundedness and experience spiritual, relational and emotional wholeness.

These biblically based resources will be released in the United States and then translated into languages around the world according the requests of our partners. Together we can equip men, women and young adults to stand for truth amidst our post-Christian culture and pass on a relevant faith to the next generation.

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