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You’re crazy busy, right? From the second your feet hit the floor in the a.m. until your head hits the pillow in the p.m., you’re doing your best to juggle your daily “must-dos”—school, family, friends, work, sports, etc., etc.—without dropping them. #pressure

Some days are so packed that it doesn’t seem possible to add a quiet time with God, much less read the Bible. Like, it’s a big book. Where do I even start?

If you’ve already tried the “I’ll crack open God’s Word and read whatever my finger lands on” tactic, you’ve likely walked away frustrated. You might have even gotten the idea that the Bible is just a “history” book that couldn’t possibly be relevant to you.

But the Bible says this: God is thinking about YOU every second of the day, and wants a relationship with YOU! ????????

God’s promise? That as we daily seek Him, especially on the days we’re struggling with our juggling, we will gain strength, wisdom, and confidence to better handle life.

To help you carve out even just five minutes each day, we’ve created #truth, our new daily devotional for teens. Each of the 365 devotions includes a scripture reading and prayer.

We know this powerful resource will help you to know God and His plans for you. Don’t miss out on the perks of a productive daily quiet time.

Dive into the #truth!

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#truth is a 365-day devotional for youth packed with spiritual truths that will inspire, challenge, and fuel your teen’s soul every day of the year from January 1 to December 31.

Practical and relevant, each month of devotional readings share a common theme that will lead teens to understand the truths of God and how living them out is beneficial in everyday life. Themes include the truth of God’s existence, Christ’s divinity, the resurrection, the Trinity, Christ’s return and more!

Why parents and leaders are excited about #truth


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“#truth is a good devo for teens: it’s simple and short but each day is packed with a meaningful lesson.”

~ Abi, age 18

#truth is a daily devotional that speaks to me on many levels. Every day it gives a Bible verse, then explains how it pertains to you as a person, then it gives a truth about how important it is and gives you other quotes from the Bible to back it up, Finally it gives you a new prayer to pray everyday.

~ Tyler, age 18

“Each and every day Josh is pouring into students’ lives words of truth to help them see how biblical truth and real life intersect.

Although this book is written to teenagers, I would encourage adults who love teenagers to read it with them. Parents, youth pastors, grandparents, and mentors will all find great material each day to have a meaningful conversation with their teen.

I would highly recommend #truth as a study guide to simulate life-impacting conversations.”

~ Craig T. Owens, Pastor and Blogger

“Josh McDowell’s #truth connects life and faith for teens in a very natural way. Not only will they come to know real truths, but they will also learn how to live them out in their everyday lives. I highly recommend this daily devotional!”

~ Dan Cathy, CEO Chick-fil-A

“[#truth] is aimed at teens, but is an excellent resource for all ages … for non-Christians, for new Christians, and for Christians to be able to discuss with the teens in their lives.”

~ Denette, Former Youth Director

“The informal, conversational writing style makes #truth easy to read and understand … Youth pastors and leaders—as well as teens and their parents—will find it filled with healthy doses of inspiration and solid biblical teaching.”

~ Joanne

The new devotional book from Josh McDowell, #truth, is fantastic. Although it is geared towards teens, it’s applicable/enjoyable for everyone.

Specifically, I love the following:
·        Simple and easy to read
·        Very relatable & applicable to teens’ daily lives
·        LOVE that there is a monthly “topic”
·        Great imagery and examples

This will make the perfect Christmas present and I can’t wait to dig deeper into it with my own teenage daughters.

~ Stéphanie

The #truth devotional provides short, practical, relatable messages of insight and truth to help my teens better understand who God is and how to apply what the Bible teaches to their lives. It’s a great tool to help them to better understand God’s character and differentiate between the world’s definition of right and wrong and what the Bible teaches about truth.

~ Jen

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