The Resurrection and You

Compelling Questions and Answers about Jesus’ Resurrection

Josh and Sean McDowell have created this 64-page booklet to be a handy ministry tool to answer common questions about the validity of Christ’s resurrection. Readers are presented with compelling facts that underscore the reliability of Scripture. Our Savior lives!

A Message from Sean:

Hi! Sean McDowell here! My dad and I are excited to offer you our booklet, The Resurrection and You. In just four, easy-to-read chapters we share factual, historical evidence that gives believers certainty that Jesus rose from the dead, just as He promised!

As my dad puts it, “The fact that Jesus was killed is as certain as any event recorded in ancient history. We have to reject any theory that tries to explain the resurrection by saying that Jesus somehow survived His ordeal, appeared to His disciples as a bleeding wreck, and convinced them to tell people He had risen.”

What event transformed the disciples from defeated, cowering persons in hiding to bold evangelists? The resurrection! Why were they willing to spread the Good News despite being beaten, imprisoned, and threatened with martyrdom? The resurrection! What gives us peace and strength today to share the Good News? The resurrection!

We are certain this little booklet will be an effective evangelism tool for you this Easter season. So consider purchasing a case of 148 to give to visitors at your Easter services, or packs of 10 or 30 to share the Good News!


Case of 148 booklets – $295.26 

Bonus: FREE Evidence That Demands a Verdict ($30 value)


30 Pack of booklets – $83.79 

Bonus: FREE Evidence for the Resurrection ($17 value)


10 Pack of booklets – $29.90 


*Individual booklets are also available

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