The Purpose of Just1ClickAway

Just1ClickAway (J1CA) is not a stand-alone piece – it is one facet, or track, of a much broader ministry emphasis – the Bare Facts. The purpose of the Just1ClickAway video is to raise awareness about the threat of Internet pornography and to network with other organizations to offer solutions for families and individuals of all ages and stages. The website promotes the Bare Facts messages and products, along with many other referrals to articles and partner organizations who are working in the areas of prevention, addiction, and education – all groups that are offering solutions.

So, how does Just1ClickAway fit with the Bare Facts Campaign? The Bare Facts Campaign includes several series of messaging. In his research and discussions, one of the things that has become apparent to Josh is that sexual immorality is one of the biggest barriers to faith and growth in Christ. Over the last 50 years, the Lord has given Josh a prophetic voice on certain issues and this issue is resurfacing in new ways. Unless Christians wake up and begin equipping their children and teens to deal with the sexual immorality that pervades our culture, this generation and the next will suffer.

The Bare Facts Campaign consists of the following messages: The 7 A’s (principles about relationships); The Bare Facts DVD series and book (top questions that young people ask about sex, love and relationships); How to Talk to Your Children About Sex (Josh and Dottie’s new book for parents and youth leaders) and the messages of Just1ClickAway (highlights and statistics about the fine line that separates children, individuals and families from a dangerous, addictive exposure to Internet pornography) – put together, the resources of the Bare Facts Campaign present youth and those who influence youth (parents, youth leaders, pastors, teachers) with an understanding of sexuality and relationships that is biblically-based; medically sound and culturally relevant.

What we need to emphasize is that if we don’t raise these issues and are not equipped to address them, the culture will win the hearts of our young people – their faith will falter and the tide of secularism and unbelief will be reinforced. To reach young people for Christ and help them grow in their faith we need honest communication about issues facing young people every day in the world around them – and we need to start these conversations early in age-appropriate ways. This is why we are committing the time and the resources of the Josh McDowell Ministry to this cause. Josh believes with his whole heart that the Lord is calling him to share these messages at this time to a world that desperately needs to hear them. The messages contained within the Bare Facts Campaign all point to the fact that “God is passionate about a relationship with each person.” This is the heart and soul of “relational apologetics.”

Josh is an apologist. That means dealing with the greatest threats that keep a person from believing or questioning the authority of Scripture, Christ or the Resurrection. Pervasive immorality and pornography on the Internet are the GREATEST threat in 2000 years to the Church. Why now such a threat and not 50 years ago? It’s because of “access”.

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