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Jesús: la Verdad que lo Cambia Todo


Bienvenidos de nuevo a nuestra serie basada en el clásico de apologética más vendido de Josh: Más que un Carpintero. Si has leído las cuatro publicaciones de enero, entonces estás al tanto de cómo Josh pasó de ser un escéptico acérrimo a un creyente atónito en la verdad de la muerte y resurrección de Jesús…. Read more »

Self-Image: See Yourself as God Sees You

Welcome to another post in our new year-long blog series, "Journey Together," where we answer questions about God, relationships, and life! Hi there! We're Jennifer Davis and Anne Clark. Having the opportunity to work with Josh McDowell, we've learned just how important self-image is. Josh says it affects every relationship in our lives. For that... Read more »

3 Foundational Truths of Christianity

foundational truths Christianity

Welcome! Thanks for joining us for this, our thirteenth post in our new year-long blog series we’re calling “Journey Together.” In this post we’ll dive a bit further into three foundational truths of  Christianity. What do Christians basically believe? For starters, that God has a wonderful plan for humanity — though Adam and Eve mucked… Read more »

Is the Bible Fact or Fiction?

Welcome! Thanks for joining us for this, our second post in our year-long blog series we’re calling “Journey Together.” Our aim in this post is to dive further into whether we can trust the Bible. The contents of the Bible were written over a period of over 1500 years, by 40+ authors from every walk… Read more »

Journey Together

Welcome, friends! We’re so excited about this Journey Together blog series! We’re thrilled to have you join us! Life! So full of questions and fears! You know it’s ok to have doubts, right? And to ask questions -- even of God? As humans, we have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and understanding that we daily try... Read more »

Is History Knowable? Implications for Christianity


The accuracy of history is critical. Even for Christianity. We can look at this photo and make some subjective judgments. We might deduce that the child is somewhere cold. We might also suggest the child’s age, if not also his or her nationality, healthiness, and socioeconomic status. In effect, we’re self-determining this child’s history. Historians,… Read more »

Apologetics: Apologizing for Believing in God?

Our directive: “Have a ready answer for what you believe.” Contrary to what the world thinks, Jesus did not ask His followers to believe with “blind” faith. Because He didn’t need to. He wasn’t a swindler, a magician, or a con artist. He was God. He spoke the truth, and demonstrated it time and time… Read more »

Trinton, Daniel and Abbi Do the Math

Mrs. Clark’s 7th Grade Bible Class Discusses: Hide 'n Seek? The Stolen Body Myth This myth is about people saying Jesus's body supposedly got stolen. But how could Jesus’ body get stolen - with the 16 guards, 4 on duty and the other 12 sleeping? They say the disciples played hide’n’seek with his body but... Read more »

Abigail and Will: Theft Impossible

Mrs. Clark’s 7th Grade Bible Class Discusses: Hide 'n Seek? The Stolen Body Myth     "You know, Jesus really didn’t really rise from the dead. People just stole his body and claimed he rose from the dead." This is what many people believe, but it was impossible to steal Jesus’ body. First, there was... Read more »

Karlene, Lizzie and Karissa: Blind Man’s Bluff

Mrs. Clark’s 7th Grade Bible Class Discusses: Blind Man’s Bluff The Wrong Tomb Myth     The Wrong Tomb Myth states that the empty tomb was not Jesus’, and His body was in His real tomb, which had gotten mixed up with the empty tomb. This could seem logical, but so many people knew where… Read more »