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Paz en Medio del Ruido


¿A ti también te afecta el ruido del mundo? Vivimos en una época en la que, debido al internet, todo se puede compartir en un instante, estamos constantemente expuestos a todos los diferentes puntos de vista y opiniones del mundo. Todo ello puede resultar muy confuso, especialmente si somos adolescentes y estamos luchando por averiguar… Read more »

Why God? For the Gift of Living Broken


There’s a suggestion on the table that God wants us broken. If the word “broken” scares you, you’re not alone. Society has taught us to perceive the word negatively. Broken plates … broken appliances … broken down cars … the homeless … the incarcerated … those with destructive addictions. Society would have us believe that… Read more »

Where Did Evil Come From?

77 FAQs

Evil had to come from somewhere, right? But from where? We know that God is perfectly good and holy, and that there is no evil in him. There is the capacity for evil in us, however, as God created humanity with the freedom of choice. Evil comes from an abuse of good power called free… Read more »