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How Can I Believe Christianity ?

Some time ago, I had the chance to sit down with someone who wanted to see if I could help him recover his long-lost faith in Christianity. As we talked, I found myself confused about what he was actually struggling to believe in. Questions such as the existence of God, the reliability of the Bible,... Read more »

Christians: Dialogue With Skeptics Part 2


“Prove Your God Exists!” Last week, in Part 1 of this topic, we talked about the importance of our having the right attitude when interacting with skeptics. We reminded you to let go of the “fight” mentality when challenged on your beliefs; to instead view these encounters as God-ordained opportunities to demonstrate the truth and… Read more »

Christians: Dialogue With Skeptics Part 1


“¡Dios no existe!” Cuando los cristianos escuchamos eso, la mayoría de nosotros empezamos a sudar. ¡Como si todo el peso de probar la verdad del cristianismo descansara sobre nuestros débiles hombros! Pero también empezamos a sudar porque sentimos que nuestros egos están en juego. Ser cristiano, nos dicen los escépticos, es ser débil mental, si… Read more »