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Filling Our Three Deepest Needs in 2017

Filling our deepest needs in 2017

Are Our Deepest Needs Fillable?   As New Year’s Eve approaches, many of us feel the weight of expected self-reflection and new year resolutions. What’s going right in our lives? What needs to be tweaked? What’s definitely not working? Do we have the friends we want? The significant other we crave? The prestige and financial success we’ve decided we deserve? What… Read more »

My Parents Have Always Told Me that I Would Never Amount to Anything. Why Has This Affected Me So Much?

Your self-image is composed of conclusions you have reached about yourself. These conclusions follow this sequence: Stages Example You hear it. You think about it. An experience reinforces it. You feel it You believe it. “You’re stupid.” Am I stupid? You make a big mistake and your friends laugh at you. I feel so stupid.... Read more »