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Did Moses Author the Pentateuch?

Moses Author Pentateuch

The Pentateuch, attributed to Moses, includes the first five books of the Old Testament. It is a core text for three world religions and the foundation of the Christian Bible and the Jewish Scriptures. So it matters that the texts be viewed with authority. It is through these books, long believed to have been revealed… Read more »

Alex and Adam on the Reliability of the Bible

Mrs. Clark’s 7th Grade Bible Class Discusses: The Bible and the Telephone Game The Variant Reading Myth   When you ask some people about the Bible, some might say, “it’s pretty cool, there’s some good stuff in it, but some of it can’t be true.” You may ask a teacher about the Bible being a reliable historical… Read more »

Biblical Scripture: Truth or Tale?

Scripture: truth or tale?

Can we Believe What We Read in Scripture? The idea that “what’s true for you isn’t necessarily true for me” can lead a person to the conclusion that the moral truths from the Bible are all just a matter of opinion. But this conclusion simply reveals our confusion over the concepts of truth and belief. We are all… Read more »