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Coaching Basketball and the Word

Coleen knew she was taking a risk. Sharing her faith in the closed country in Central Asia where she was serving as a teacher and coach could get her thrown out of the country — or even arrested. In this region of the world, there is one dominant religion. Other religions, like Christianity, are forbidden…. Read more »

Out of Darkness

Dear Josh, How can we thank you for your faithful service to our Lord Jesus?  Your little paperback book, More Than a Carpenter was instrumental in bringing my dear brother back to Christ after he wandered into the New Age movement and Occult. After he watched the movie Jesus provided by Campus Crusades, the Holy… Read more »

A Gift that Changed a Life

I read More Than a Carpenter in the 80’s and it became my favorite book.  I have bought many and given them away and I am still doing so.  My mother was a public school teacher and I told her about the book.  One year in the 80’s she wrapped the book and gave it… Read more »

¿Por Qué es Importante la Resurrección?

La resurrección de Cristo es una necesidad histórica si nuestro destino significa algo en absoluto. “Y si Cristo no ha resucitado, entonces tu fe es inútil, y todavía estás en condenación por tus pecados. . . . Y si solo tenemos esperanza en Cristo en esta vida, somos las personas más miserables del mundo ”… Read more »