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Freedom: Confession and Repentance

Confession and Repentance

Having racked up more than a million miles on three airlines, I have met a lot of people on planes. Every single time, our conversations came around to how they weren’t happy in their lives. As I shared that I grew up in a religious tradition that put a lot of focus on guilt, without fail each person… Read more »

Get Quiet to Hear God


This blog looks at culture’s growing despair and how the Christian community needs to get quiet, to respond with humility, grace, and service.

Why God? He Hears Our Prayers

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Especially now, when life feels hard, we need to remind ourselves that God hears our prayers, and cares. Let’s look at prayer, and some truths about our response to God’s response to them. For 50+ years, Josh McDowell Ministry has been leading seekers into a deeper knowledge of God’s truth and power. We offer you… Read more »

¡Declara su Nombre Hoy!

Declare His name sm

Aunque a 37 grados, pero con una jarra caliente de café negro, una pijama de franela, un cachorro durmiendo en mi regazo y un par de mantas brindan una oportunidad agradable y dulce de ver la luna esconderse detrás de las montañas. Un placer raro, ya que la mañana no será así de oscura con… Read more »

Declare His Name Today!

Declare His name sm

It is 37 degrees, but a carafe of hot black coffee, flannel PJs, a snoozing pup on my lap, and a couple of blankets make for a snuggly-sweet chance to see the moon sink behind the mountains. A rare treat, as the morning will not be this dark with a sinking moon at 7am for… Read more »