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Viviendo Libre de Adicciones

En medio de la adicción, nuestra esperanza de libertad puede verse nublada por una pérdida de control, depresión y aislamiento. Por experiencia personal, la luz al final del túnel se vuelve cada vez más tenue a medida que aumenta el fracaso y la vergüenza. Mientras estaba atrapado en mi adicción a la pornografía, pensé durante… Read more »

El Amor Perdió su Belleza

Love Lost Its Beauty small

Hace unos años, mi hermana se acercó a mí en el campus de Liberty University, buscando consuelo de su hermano mayor. Un mago acababa de intentar manipular un beso de ella a través de su truco de magia. Ella vino a mí por seguridad y protección. Pero cuando escuché su historia, no sentí ninguna emoción…. Read more »

A Much-Needed Wake Up Call

  Excerpts from Josh’s 2015 Moody Founders Week address on the problem of pornography:   Want to learn more about the problem–and more importantly the solution? Visit the Set Free Summit website. FREE RESOURCES: Download Josh McDowell’s pornography presentation and research from the Set Free Summit here. Downloads include: A Call to Arms (Presentation) A Call to Arms (Notes) Facts… Read more »

No One is Immune

YouTube comment from Moody Founder’s week 2015 talk: Excellent! Everyone needs to hear this and I’m so thankful that he’s addressed this issue [pornography] so openly. I practiced as a marriage and family therapist for 12 years and the number ONE issue was this issue and we’re talking Christians.  I counseled at Hope International University,… Read more »

A Timely Message

David Limbaugh highlights Josh McDowell’s message about cultural ‘perfect storm’ I’ve always felt as if I’ve known renowned Christian apologist Josh McDowell through his many excellent books, but I finally got to meet him in the flesh, and what a blessing it was. As I mention in my latest book, “Jesus on Trial,” I read… Read more »

The Effects of Porn on Marriage

The effects of porn on marriage are widespread and devastating.   Researcher Patrick Fagan, Ph.D. completed a major study of pornography and called it a “quiet family killer.” His study found that 56% of divorces had one partner with an obsessive interest in porn.

The Lies and the Truth about Pornography

By Lynn Marie Cherry, author of Keep Walking: 40 Days to Hope and Freedom after Betrayal My husband was 7 years old when he and a buddy found a stack of magazines in the woods behind their neighborhood. Being curious boys, they took the magazines to their tree house and pornography crept into his world. He… Read more »