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Un Modelo de Hombría Bíblica

role model

En este Día del Padre, estoy agradecido por el modelo espiritual a seguir que mi padre siempre ha sido para mí. Pastor principal de la Iglesia Rockpoint en Lake Elmo, Minnesota, comenzó a inculcarme, a una edad temprana, los cuatro rasgos de la hombría bíblica. Cuando alguien me pide que defina la hombría bíblica, hago… Read more »

Cuando el Día de la Madre Duele

Mother's Day Hurts

Abraham Lincoln, nuestro decimosexto presidente, es citado diciendo: “Todo lo que soy o espero ser, se lo debo al ángel de  mi madre”. Bien, bien por él. ¡No, genial para él! Fue bendecido. Pero muchos de nosotros no podemos vincular su sentimiento a nuestras propias mamás. En este Día de la Madre, espero que estés… Read more »

The Case for Dedicated Dads

Fathers who get involved in their kids’ education have a big effect on the health, academic success, and happiness of their sons and daughters.   The Case for Dedicated Dads by Jessica Lahey for the Atlantic   One out of every three American children grows up without a biological father. These 24 million kids miss out on… Read more »

8 Science-Backed Reasons Why Dads Deserve More Credit

From birth to adulthood, a Father’s involvement makes a huge difference in a child’s world. People make jokes, advertisers make commercials, and studios make movies and TV shows that tell a discouraging, insulting story of useless, unnecessary Dads. Clearly, they haven’t been talking to researchers any time in the last several years.  The numbers are… Read more »

Advice to Nonresidential Fathers

All Dads are vitally important parts of their kids’ lives. In our culture many Dads may no longer live under the same roof as their children—but their kids still need fathers. Here are six ways for nonresidential fathers to be the best Dads they can be for their kids, no matter the situation.  

“Go Deep” with Your Kids

“Being a dad is part art, part science, but mostly an act of faith.” The research is in—Dads matter. And while you can’t choose your children’s future for them, your involvement and influence make a huge difference. How do you make sense of the paradoxes of fatherhood? Go deep. Get involved. Be dedicated to being… Read more »

The Father Connection—or Lack Thereof

Johns Hopkins Medical School commissioned two professors, Dr. Thomas and Dr. Duazunski to study 1,337 medical doctors who graduated from Johns Hopkins University. They wanted to determine a cause factor, for these five diseases: (1) hypertension; (2) coronary heart disease; (3) malignant tumors; (4) mental illness; and (5) suicide. There was only one factor to these… Read more »