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Opening Eyes

From our staff: “Once, Josh and I were in Vancouver, B.C. for a  conference. Almost 2,500 Canadians came from all over the area (some drove 24 hours) to attend this conference titled “Hidden in Plain Sight.” Josh spoke at the opening and closing sessions, presented at a workshop, and spoke at a local church on… Read more »

Inter-Generational Ministry

From one of our staff: Once we were in Lafayette, LA, where Josh spoke at a conference. While there I had several people share how our ministry has impacted their life and the life of their families. One woman told me that her sons were heavily influenced by Josh (and the ministry). Every time they’d… Read more »

A Concert in Cincinnati

On October 7, 1995, I was 14 years old, a freshman in high school. I was, for the most part, a good kid, but I also knew I wasn’t always good. I came from a family that attended church, but faith was not a big part of our lives. A friend from school invited me… Read more »

A Couple Changes

Thank you Josh for being used by God! Forty-one years ago you spoke in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania on the topic…Roaming through Romans.  It was a Campus Crusade fall conference.  I was invited by a student from the University of Pennsylvania.  That weekend after hearing you share how a person can become a Christian, I trusted Jesus… Read more »

Mask, Manuscript, Scroll

Email from Josh – March 3, 2014 First time to use manuscripts, mask, and scroll in presentation.  In fifty years in ministry [this is the] most incredible response by all ages. It was so so much fun for me. It was all topped off by a lady about forty-five years old , one sharp dresser…. Read more »

Last Minute Testimony

Josh, Greetings in Christ! I was honored to attend your teaching Saturday night at Calvary Chapel Oceanside. I am so glad that the Lord had you change your message at the last minute. Because of the testimony of your life and what the Lord has done in it, my sixteen year old daughter, and her friend… Read more »