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Add TITLE/TEXT Reliability of the Gospels | Video 2

Reliability of the Gospels | Videos

If you’re curious why Christians believe that we can trust the story of Jesus, you’ve come to a good place! This is the first episode in a series of 10 videos on the reliability of the Gospels. The Gospels are the first four books of the New Testament—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—which talk about the… Read more »

¿No Reprendió Jesús a Tomás por Querer Pruebas?

En el Ministerio de Josh McDowell, tratamos de ayudar a la gente a comprender por qué podemos creer que el cristianismo es verdadero. Como he sostenido en una anterior publicación del blog, este tipo de ministerio puede apoyarse bíblicamente. Sin embargo, algunas personas piensan que la razón y las pruebas son algo negativo para la… Read more »

Who Recorded Events in the Bible?

When significant events happen in our world today, witnesses record the stories through writing and video. This raises questions about how the Bible was recorded. Take these three events, for example: How was Moses able to write about creation, Adam and Eve, Abraham, Isaac, etc. when he was not there? Who recorded the long dialogue… Read more »

Has the Bible Been Altered Over the Centuries?

To declare that the Bible has been “altered” over the centuries could mean a number of different things. For instance, you could talk about how later scribes added punctuation markings, lower-case lettering, etc., as their Greek language evolved over time. But that is of little concern. When most people say that the Bible has been… Read more »

Isn’t the Bible Full of Disagreements?

One common concern that skeptics have about the Bible is that it doesn’t line up. That it’s full of disagreements, which they say proves that it’s a man-made document, not inspired by God. This question can lead to very murky conversations; however, because people mean different things when they discuss “disagreements” in the Bible. In… Read more »

Do Alleged Contradictions Skew Bible Truth?


Bible scholars have a proven track record of resolving contradictions to harmonize the Bible. In this blog post we explore the claim by skeptics that the Bible contradicts itself. Are there differences among parts of the Bible? Yes. But are they contradictions? No. We assert this for two reasons: 1) The Bible is the inerrant Word… Read more »

Testing the Historical Reliability of the New Testament


Vetted for Historical Reliability, the Bible Stands Strong. Welcome to our ninth blog post in this series. If you’d like to catch up from the start, here’s the link to the first blog we posted: Apologetics: Apologizing for Believing in God?. Apologetics — the defense of Christianity — is not about our apologizing for our… Read more »