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Maintaining Relational Presence in a Technological World

Are you distracted by technology? Are you constantly checking e-mail, updating Facebook or sending Tweets? Do you find yourself avidly texting friends absent friends, and ignoring the ones you’re with?  Do your small children walk around the house imitating you…on your cell phone? If so, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Rhett Smith has some ideas to… Read more »

How Should I Respond When Someone Compliments Me?

Often we go to two extremes, both as a result of pride. One extreme is false humility. We deny any positive quality or accomplishment by saying things like, “No, no, no. I’m just a worm.” That makes people sick. Everyone knows you are really saying, “Keep trying to convince me. I’m loving it.” The other… Read more »

My Parents Have Always Told Me that I Would Never Amount to Anything. Why Has This Affected Me So Much?

Your self-image is composed of conclusions you have reached about yourself. These conclusions follow this sequence: Stages Example You hear it. You think about it. An experience reinforces it. You feel it You believe it. “You’re stupid.” Am I stupid? You make a big mistake and your friends laugh at you. I feel so stupid.... Read more »