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Why Would God Ask Us to Fear Him?

fear of God

Several years ago I was invited to speak at a Christian event on a college campus. The team brought me in to talk about the fear of God to their students. I admired their willingness to cover a subject that is hardly discussed in the Church. But I have to admit, I suspect they brought… Read more »

5 Reasons Apologists Get a Bad Rep

Apologetics Bad Rap

No one appreciates callous apologists. Christians are to be humble and kind when talking about Jesus. Just as He was when talking about God. Last week we started our new blog series on apologetics, which we defined as the defense of Christianity (not our apology for believing in Christ). As we also stated last week,… Read more »

Judge Not, When it Comes to Cultural Tolerance?

Did Jesus Say Judge Not? That is the Question. If cultural tolerance has a theme verse, it’s Matthew 7:11: “Judge not, that you be not judged.” That verse, by the way, is one of most commonly misused verses in the Bible. Christians and non-Christians alike often take it out of context. “Sure,” they say, “scripture… Read more »