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Why God? For the Gift of Living Broken


There’s a suggestion on the table that God wants us broken. If the word “broken” scares you, you’re not alone. Society has taught us to perceive the word negatively. Broken plates … broken appliances … broken down cars … the homeless … the incarcerated … those with destructive addictions. Society would have us believe that… Read more »

Transform: See Yourself as God Sees You


In this post exploring our true identity, let’s look at the topic of transformation. God uses other believers to help us to transform our self-image, so that we are able to see ourselves as God sees us. In 2 Corinthians 5:17 the Bible tells us that we become a “new creation” when we accept Jesus… Read more »

Societal Influences: See Yourself as God Sees You


Ladies, last week in our series exploring our true identity we talked about how our parent’s view of us seriously impacted our self-portrait as we grew up. This week, let’s look at three influences outside the home that may have amplified the negative messaging we heard at home—or, conversely, overrode the God-based confidence our parents tried to instill in us. These influences… Read more »