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Mirar al Futuro, Apoyándote en Dios

look ahead sm

En unos pocos días finalmente podemos decir: “¡Hasta la vista!” 2021. ¡Yay! Terminemos fuertes, confiando en Dios, mientras miramos con esperanza hacia el nuevo año. A medida que 2021 finalmente termina y cerramos nuestra serie de blogs Bridging the Gap, recordemos agradecer a Dios por estar con nosotros en todos los altibajos de este año… Read more »

Book of Ruth: 3 Lessons For Us


Perhaps you are familiar with the Old Testament book of Ruth, a 4-chapter story layered with tragedy, blessings, and the reminder to trust God. Naomi, a Hebrew, along with her husband and two grown sons, forsakes her hometown of Bethlehem to escape a famine. The family settles into nearby Moab (modern day Jordan), for about… Read more »

COVID-19, the Best and Worst of Times

Covid-19 My ten-year-old son, Asher, turned to me in response to those who are struggling to make sense of the coronavirus: “…but Dad, this world is broken!” Everyone is affected by the spread of COVID-19, particularly the most vulnerable members of society -- it’s heartbreaking! However, it’s wonderful to see many moved to reach out to... Read more »