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Does History Reliably Prove the Bible’s Gospels?


Historical Reliability Confirms the Gospels. Truth. The historical reliability of the Bible can be tested by the same criteria by which all historical documents are tested. The Christian faith, after all, is tied to specific historical events that can be confirmed through multiple sources. It is not, as one critics assert, “just a bunch of… Read more »

Did Jesus Really Rise From Death?

Apologetics Booklet Examines Factual Evidence of the Death and Rise of Jesus Christ.   How does one go about finding a true answer to the question of whether Jesus did or didn’t rise from the dead? A critical historian would check out the validity of the records of witnesses, confirm Jesus’ death by crucifixion, go over… Read more »

A Generation of Skeptics Are Open to the Resurrection

Evidence Even the Critics Will Accept What do you say to skeptics who refuse to accept that the Gospels were written by their traditional authors? Who insist that the accounts were written long after the eyewitnesses to Jesus’ ministry had all died? Even using only evidence that these critics will accept, Dr. Gary Habermas thinks that… Read more »