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You never know where a book you give might travel

You never know where a book you give might travel -- or who it might impact with the message of Jesus Christ. Every summer, thousands of people from North Africa and the Middle East cross the Mediterranean Sea by ferry to vacation in Europe. When it’s time to return home, they wait in long ferry... Read more »

Hungry for the Word

I went to [Europe] to hand out Bibles and Christian literature; one of the books being More Than a Carpenter. I don’t know how many people told me they had waited a whole year to get one again because their books were thrown away at Customs or by [offended people] in the boat. They’d come to us in secrecy,… Read more »

“I need that book…!”

One of our Port Cities Project volunteers recently shared with us what a difference this project is making: “Last summer, a woman from the Middle East literally ran after one of our port cities teams that had run out of books, pleading, ‘I need that book that explains the message of Jesus!’” “Another woman living… Read more »