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Will It Take a Miracle to Stop Using Porn?

So, you think it will take a miracle for you to recover from your sexual brokenness fully? You have asked Him for that miracle many times and yet are still struggling. Maybe you have lost hope and resigned to a life of sexual sin. Ok … I saw you roll your eyes and I know… Read more »

The Lies and the Truth about Pornography

By Lynn Marie Cherry, author of Keep Walking: 40 Days to Hope and Freedom after Betrayal My husband was 7 years old when he and a buddy found a stack of magazines in the woods behind their neighborhood. Being curious boys, they took the magazines to their tree house and pornography crept into his world. He… Read more »

The Changing Pornography Landscape

Interview with Ron DeHaas, Founder and CEO, Covenant Eyes In 1992, Ron DeHaas lost his wife and children in a tragic car accident, leaving him with a new understanding of the importance of families—an understanding he carried with him after he remarried. In March 2000, seeing just how easy it was to access inappropriate content online… Read more »

Three Simple Words to Set You Free

It was a Tuesday morning, and I get a phone call from a college student who is a regular attender of my church. Answering the phone, I’m met with a voice filled with urgency. “Can we meet up today? I really need to talk with you.” After agreeing to meet, I sat down with this… Read more »