Church Packet for Set Free to Choose Right

Church Packet for Set Free to Choose Right



Set Free to Choose Right is a powerful message from Scripture that captures the heart and liberates us to make right moral choices. And a sermon outline has been prepared to assist you in delivering that powerful message to your people, along with a unique equipping tool for them as well. (Download Sermon)

Most people, including many Christians are confused as to what make right, right and wrong, wrong. The majority of people, especially our young people, believe that the determination of right or wrong is basically a personal choice. They feel that another person has no right to judge what they do as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.

As long as our young people hold a view of moral relativism, they will continue to adopt a process of mixing and matching the kind of God, morals, and religion that makes sense to their subjective feelings. That, of course, is highly troubling to those of us charged with the spiritual and moral welfare of our young people. (Download Article by Josh McDowell drawn from his latest book Set Free to Choose Right.)


You Can Provide a Unique
Equipping Tool for Your People


The sermon outline points out that moral relativism sets the human conscience adrift. That view allows the heart and mind to excuse attitudes and behaviors that are wrong and harmful to oneself and others.

It is vital that parents and gatekeepers help their young people see that right is defined within the person of God. And it is important that they see the positive reinforcement that occurs when they do what is right. When they obey God’s commands, they can count on his protection and provisions. On the reverse side, negative consequences eventually occur when they fail to do the right thing.

At the conclusion of your sermon you will be able to offer your people an extraordinary equipping tool that deals with a common misconception. Many people, especially our young people, believe viewing pornography is neither harmful or wrong. A series of short videos called the Set Free Journey can be delivered to your adult’s and young people’s smartphones that will prepare them to help a friend or family member to know how to be set free to choose right regarding porn.

There are actually three Set Free Journey videos: One for fathers and men, one for mothers and ladies, and one for young people. See the youth introductory video hosted by two associates of Josh McDowell that explains this Set Free Journey set of videos. (Download HD Video Here)

The men and women’s track is a 21-day journey of 1-2 minute videos per day. The youth track is a 14-day journey. Fathers and men can access the video by texting “set free” to 33733. Mothers and ladies text “set free her” to 33733. And young people text “set free yth” to 33733. The individuals on the short videos who provide insight and guidance are highly credible and seasoned Christians who are experienced in helping set people free from the use of porn. Check out these speakers and their trusted credentials. (Download Expert Bios)

Watch the entire Set Free Journey videos yourself. But as a sample, check out two short episodes by Dr. Ted Roberts, former pastor and founder of Pure Desire Ministries of Gresham, Oregon.  (Download Episode 12) (Download Episode 13)

You have everything you need to launch your Set Free message and powerful equipping tool delivered to your people. The links in this document and the sermon itself gives you all the downloadable resources you need. You are even able to show the introductory Set Free Journey first episode at the close of your sermon, if you elect to do so.

If you have any questions, feel free to email We would be happy to interact with you to further explain this opportunity and ministry service that is being offered to you.

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