Samantha on “The Killjoy Myth”

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Mrs. Clark’s 7th Grade Bible Class Discusses:

The Cosmic Cop

The Killjoy Myth


“‘Wee woo wee woo…’

“The terrifying sound blasted from the intimidating cop car, or what some think is the sound of God turning on His punishment sirens.

“The ‘cosmic cop,’ the ‘punishment police,’ the ‘killjoy king’–whatever He is called, it isn’t true. Those who believe in this killjoy myth believe, no matter how good or bad, whatever they’re doing is absolutely wrong. Love, internet, school, gossip… whatever it is, they think it must be an awful sin.

“But really, our God is trying to protect us; He is the one who created us. Why would he want to scold us every second?

“Why wouldn’t He protect us from Satan?

“Satan is not the rebel-party version of God. He is the stalking ghost, devil, hating us all.

“Think about that next time you even think about rejecting God. Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firmly against the schemes of the devil (Ephesians 6:11).

“This verse proves the devil’s goal is to beat us down; the Lord gives us His armor to fight him.

“The Lord is our creator, our protector, our rock, our comfort, our salvation. Not our ‘cosmic cop.'”

Samantha, age 12

God is our protector, our rock, our comfort, our salvation.

What could possibly be “fun” about turning away from Him?




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Propaga el amor de Dios