Share the Gospel in Russia!

Share the gospel in Russia


Hearts are open to the gospel like never before!

Russia is one of the most powerful and influential nations on the planet. That’s why Russian people who stand for Christ are incredible witnesses worldwide!

There was a time when Christianity was illegal in Russia. But today, more Russians are seeking Jesus than ever before.

That’s why we need your help to raise $114,285.71 in order to share the gospel via books, DVDs and other resources translated into Russian. These resources present the gospel in a way that addresses intellectual skepticism and unbelief so rampant in Russia.


Broken men and women need Jesus

Poverty and hopelessness are widespread in Russia. Alcoholism and drug abuse are high. And sadly, neglect, violence and abandonment are all too common.

Drug and rehab centers throughout Russia are filled with broken and hurting men and women who have hit rock bottom.

But today, these same men and women are finding hope, healing and forgiveness through resources you can help provide, like Undaunted: The Early Life of Josh McDowell.

Please give now to share the gospel of Jesus through 41,200 books, DVDs and other resources, translated into Russian. Our staff in Russia need to reach even more people this year with the love and freedom of Jesus Christ!


“We have the workers we need to share the gospel, but we do not have the books and resources.”

—Ivan, staff member in Russia


30 years of transforming lives in Russia

“I never could have dreamed that God would use the suffering I experienced as a child to transform so many lives. YOU can be part of transforming lives too!

“For nearly 30 years, Russia and her people have been near and dear to my heart. I’m praying God has laid them on your heart too.

“Hurting men and women in Russia need your help. Please send a generous gift to help share the gospel with them today!”


Until the whole world hears,

Josh D. McDowell

Propaga el amor de Dios