Right Choices Bible

Share right choices — and the
BEST choice: Jesus Christ!

Right now, you have a wonderful opportunity to partner with churches in countries where Christians are oppressed. These congregations are committed to sharing truth, especially with those who want to know more about Jesus and believers who are young in their faith.

Describing the desperate need, one of the church members said, “Sometimes we feel like we are just wandering in life uselessly. Even our children lack direction.”

Josh McDowell Ministry is working to provide the Word of God to all that need to hear. Will you help?

This work is about much more than distributing a truth-filled book. It’s about sharing an influential tool that is helping children, teens, adults and even entire churches meet Christ and get to know Him better.

Please give now to reach regions where there is less church influence…where people do not have access to Christian books…and where believers are experiencing the most oppression.

If you believe, as we do, that God’s Word transforms lives, then please give now to place The Right Choices Bible into the hands of children and their families.

Your generosity will introduce people to Jesus and equip them to live for Him. Thank you!

YES, Josh! I want to share the rich promises and wisdom of God’s Word with people around the world.

Propaga el amor de Dios