Resurrection Video Blogs

No one has changed the world more than Jesus Christ and the resurrection is a pivotal event in history.

If you are a Christ-follower we hope that these messages will provide you with confidence to see that your faith is well-grounded. If you agree, consider digging deeper and sharing your faith with others.

If you are a skeptic or searching for answers, consider watching these with an open mind. If Jesus really rose from the dead, confirming that he is God, then there is nothing more important in life than following him. If Jesus was not raised from the dead, then you have nothing to lose — it’s all a bad joke.

We believe he is still in the business of changing lives today and that we have ample reason to believe that the resurrection is factually true. This gives us ample reason for great confidence in our hope of eternal salvation.

But what does that mean for your life? Let’s begin.


Propaga el amor de Dios