JMM Book List

Listed below is a chart with all of the books Josh McDowell Ministry current has available for publishing for foreign language translations.Key: OP – Out of Print, RR – Rights Reverted, IP – In Print, RP – Re-Published

Publishing Date Title Status
2007 Incredible Rumor, The
2006 Christ Up Close & Personal Workbook : Adult Edition IP-RR
2006 Christ Up Close & Personal Workbook : Youth Edition IP-RR
2006 Evidence for Christianity (soft cover revision of Evidence) RP
2006 Guide to Understanding Your Bible IP-RR
2006 Is the Bible Really from God? Workbook : Children’s Edition IP-RR
2006 The Da Vinci Code: A Quest for Answers IP
2006 The Great Treasure Quest IP-RR
2006 The Last Christian Generation IP-RR
2006 The Relational Word IP-RR
2006 The Truth Twisters IP-RR
2005 Mistaken Identity (novel) IP-RR
2003 Adult “Is Christ Really God?” Workbook Course RR-RP
2003 Children Demand a Verdict RR-RP
2003 Children’s “Is Christ Really God?” Workbook Course + Leaders RR-RP
2003 Deceivers (NovelPlus) RR-RP
2003 Family Devotions 2 IP
2003 In Search of Certainty RR-RP
2003 Youth “Is Christ Really God?” Workbook Course RR-RP
2003 Youth Devotions 2 IP
2002 Beyond Belief to Convictions IP
2002 The Love Killer (Revision) OP-RR
2002 Why True Love Waits (Revision) RR-RP
2000 Conflicts With Others Collection OP
2000 Death of a Loved One Collection OP
2000 Disconnected Generation IP
2000 Divorce of Parents Collection OP
2000 Finding True Love Collection OP
2000 Friendship 911 Workbook OP
2000 God’s Will God’s Best OP-RR
2000 Knowing God’s Will Collection OP
2000 Past Sexual Abuse Collection OP
2000 Resolving Conflict Devotional OP
2000 Thoughts of Suicide Collection OP
2000 True Love Devotional OP
2000 Unplanned Pregnancy Collection OP
2000 Youth Ministry Handbook OP
1999 See Yourself As God Sees You (Revision) IP
1999 The New Evidence (Revision) IP
1998 Right Choices Bible IP
1998 The New Tolerance IP
1998 The Rock Bible IP
1997 365-Day Family Devotional, 1 IP
1997 365-Day Youth Devotional, 1 IP
1997 Answers on CD-Rom IP
1997 Vote of Intolerance (Adult Novel) OP
1996 Josh McDowell’s Handbook on Counseling Youth IP
1996 Love is Always Right OP
1996 The Father Connection (Revision) IP
1996 Topsy-Turvy Kingdom (Children’s Picture Book) OP
1995 103 Questions Children Ask About Right From Wrong OP
1995 Moral Maze College Workbook IP
1995 Right Choices Youth Workbook IP
1995 Truth Matters Adult Workbook IP
1995 Truth Slayers OP
1995 Truth Works Older Children’s Workbook IP
1995 Truth Works Younger Children’s Workbook IP
1994 13 Things…to Keep Your Love Life Alive & Well (Youth Devotional) RR
1994 Right From Wrong IP
1993 Love Killer (Youth Novel) RP
1992 13 Things…to Make It As a Christian (Youth Devotional) RR
1992 Don’t Check Your Brains at the Door IP
1992 New Friends, Good Friends (Children’s Picture Book) RR
1992 The Occult
1992 Under Siege (Youth Novel) IP
1991 Friend of the Lonely Heart RR
1991 How to Be a Hero to Your Kids IP-RP
1991 It Can Happen to You (Pocket Guide with Video) RR
1991 Josh McDowell Answers 5 Tough Questions RR
1990 A Ready Defense IP
1990 Sex, Guilt and Forgiveness (Pocket Guide) RR
1990 The Teenage Q&A Book IP
1989 Christianity : Hoax or History? (Pocket Guide) IP
1989 Myths of Sex Education RR
1989 Skeptics That Demand a Verdict (Pocket Guide) OP
1989 The Dad Difference RR-RP
1988 He Walked Among Us RR
1988 Katie’s Adventure on Blueberry Pond RR
1988 Love : Making it Last OP
1988 Love Dad RR
1988 Pizza for Everyone (Children’s Picture Book) RR
1987 Dating : Picking and Being a Winner OP
1987 Demons, Witches and the Occult (Pocket Guide) RR
1987 How to Help Your Child Say No to Sexual Pressure RR
1987 Sex : Desiring the Best OP
1987 Teens Speak Out : What I Wish My Parents Knew About My Sexuality RR
1987 Why Wait? RR-RP
1985 Secret of Loving (85K in trade paper) RR
1984 Evidence for Joy RR
1984 His Image, My Image (97K in trade paper) RR-RP
1983 Evidence Growth Guide III : Trustworthiness of the Bible RR
1983 Family Handbook : The Bible RR
1983 Jesus : A Biblical Defense RR
1983 The Islam Debate RR
1982 Evidence Growth Guide II : Uniqueness of the Bible RR
1982 Handbook on Cults OP-RP
1982 Handbook on Non-Secular Religions OP-RP
1982 Handbook on Occults OP-RP
1982 Handbook on Secular Religions OP-RP
1982 Handbook on Today’s Religions IP
1982 Josh McDowell’s Guide to Understanding the Bible RR-RP
1982 Resurrection Growth Guide RR
1981 Evidence Growth Guide I : Uniqueness of Christianity RR
1981 Josh : The Excitement of the Unexpected RR
1981 Resurrection Factor RR
1980 Answers to Tough Questions (1,500 by T.N. in 6 mo.) IP
1980 Family Handbook : The Creation RR
1980 Givers, Takers, and Other Kinds of Lovers IP
1980 Reasons (78K in trade paper) RR
1979 Daniel in the Critic’s Den RR
1973 More Than a Carpenter IP
1972 Evidence That Demands a Verdict & More Evidence(1977) IP-RP
Is the Bible Personally From God
Is the Bible Personally From God + Leader’s Guide
Reasons Skeptics Should Consider Christianity
The Deceivers: What Cults Believe and How They Lure
Truth Matters Leader’s Guide
Truth Works Leader’s Guide
List of Current Publishers
AMG International Publishing House Greece
Authentic Media United Kingdom
Bible for Everyone, The Russia
Bible Wonderland Ltd. +234 (1) 474-0268 Nigeria
BPK Gunung Mulia Indonesia
CAM International USA
Campus Crusade Asia Ltd – Mass Media Singapore
Christian Art Distributors South Africa
Christian Communications Ltd. Hong Kong
Christian Focus Publications Ltd. United Kingdom
Christliche Literatur-Verbreitung (CLV) Germany
Clarion Publishing House +961 (1) 563303 Lebanon
Dar El Thaqafa Communications House Egypt
Duhovna Stvarnost +385 (1) 4851 622 Croatia
Eastwind Publishing Finland
Editora Betânia Brazil
Editora Candeia Brazil
Editora Hagnos Brazil
Editorial Unilit USA
Editorial Vida USA
Editrice Uomini Nuovi Italy
Edizioni Centro Biblico Italy
Estonian Christian Publishers “Logos” Estonia
Evangel Publishers Ltd. +234 (62) 236-645 Nigeria
Foundation for Christian Education +36 (1) 350-7201 Hungary
Gerth Medien Germany
GlobalX / North Point Community Church USA
Good News Baptist Church Lithuania
Gospel Literature Service India
Gospel Publishing Mission USA
Grace Publishing House The Netherlands
Hänssler Verlag GmbH Germany
Hispanic World Publishers USA
Japan Baptist Mission Japan
Kanok Bannasan (OMF Publishers) Thailand
Kingsway Communications Ltd. United Kingdom
Ksi?garnia ?w. Jacka Sp z o.o. Poland
La Maison de la Bible Switzerland
Lembaga Literatur Baptis +62 (22) 420-3484 Indonesia
Luke Publication +82 (2) 825-0078 Korea
Lux Verbi.BM South Africa
Metanoia Publishing Indonesia
Multilingual Ministries Canada
Návrat dom? Czech Republic
New Man Publishers Bulgaria
OM Books India India
Operation Mobilisation EAST Team Austria
Ophir Publishing Jordan
Parakletos Könyvesház Hungary
Penerbit Gandum Mas Indonesia
Policontact Ltd. Romania
Proclama The Netherlands
Ruch Nowego Zycia Poland
Shandal Publishing Russia
Svichado Publishing House Ltd. Ukraine
Tien Dao Publishing House Hong Kong
Timothy Publishing House +82 (2) 3462-2600 Korea
Verlag der Francke-Buchhandlung GmbH Germany
Vida Editions France
Vocatio Publishers Poland
Word of Life Press, Japan Japan
Word of Life Press, Korea Korea
Wydawnictwo Pojednanie Poland
Yayasan Masa Meriba +62 (21) 750 0515 Indonesia
YWAM Publishing Korea Korea
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