Resolution Movement

A brand new ministry initiative to
reach America’s next generation

Today’s young people are in crisis!

They’re are abandoning the church in record numbers. They view truth as relative and morality as “old fashioned.” Add to this, the unique challenges facing our young people … stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, body image, sexual addiction and more.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce the launch of Resolution — a brand-new initiative to reach America’s next generation with the hope and healing of the gospel.

We need your help to raise $236,458 for the launch of Resolution.


Ben Bennett

Prior to joining Josh McDowell, Ben worked with the U.S. Campus Ministry of Cru serving as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator for porn addiction recovery groups.

For years, Ben experienced deep anger, a porn addiction, and mental health issues like anxiety and depression, before finding hope and healing through biblical, neuroscientific, and psychological solutions.

In 2020, Josh and Ben will launch Resolution — a wholeness initiative to help young people overcome hurts and unwanted struggles and live a thriving life.

“Ben speaks from personal experience of the freedom Christ offers each and every troubled heart. It is such a delight for me to hear Ben speak for his generation in such a relevant, reliable and relational way.”

— Dr. Ted Roberts Pastor, Counselor and Founder of Pure Desire Ministries.

Helping America’s next generation find hope and healing

Through Resolution’s cutting-edge interactive events, small group curriculum, videos and other resources, we see God raising up a generation of young people who are passionate about following Jesus wholeheartedly.

$236,458 neeed for the 2020 launch

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