Your Purpose: Gained Through Knowing God

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Howdy! Welcome to our seventh post in our new year-long blog series we’re calling “Journey Together.” In a recent post we asked and answered the question, Can we can trust God? In this post we look at how our relationship with God helps us to discover our life purpose.

A jigsaw guide to discovering the “Why?” of life.

Life can be so puzzling. We have all of these pieces, but we not always sure where they go. Some of us panic over this, thinking that until we have the puzzle completed, we can’t make sense of life. Relax! The truth: we can trust that God sees the big picture and knows where the pieces go. As we walk in relationship with Him, He helps to guide us in putting the pieces in the right place. As our puzzle gets more and more completed, we begin to see His unique purpose for us!

God has a plan for each of us. In walking in relationship with Him, we gain our purpose. Click To Tweet

What do YOU think is the purpose of life?

I don’t mean just your individual purpose, but the overall purpose of life. This is a difficult question that people have wrestled with throughout the ages. Most of the answers they’ve suggested haven’t satisfied.

Is the purpose of your life to gain wealth?

Nope. You can’t take it with you when you die. You just leave behind a lot of stuff that other people get to enjoy. 

Is the purpose of your life to gain fame or success?

Nope. Neither is bad but, like wealth, they are short-lived. The memories people have of our accomplishments will eventually fade. 

The seemingly discouraging reality: anything that could possibly offer any meaningful, lasting purpose falls way short of our expectations. It doesn’t ultimately satisfy.

We become discouraged because this world doesn't fulfill the purpose we're longing for. Because our purpose is not something in this world, but something beyond this world. Click To Tweet

So what’s the point of life? I’m glad you asked!

The Bible tells us that our purpose stems from relationship.

Not any relationship this world can offer, but the soul-deep relationship with God He hard-wired us to crave. God designed us to crave this intimate relationship. The Bible assures us that God loves us so much that He longs for each of us to be in close relationship with Him (Genesis 5:1, 1 John 3:1). Because of the void He intentionally placed within us, nothing else in this world can fully satisfy.

It's when we put our eyes on God, and walk in relationship with Him, that we discover and fully live out our purpose. Click To Tweet

Bonus: our relationship with God will impact every other relationship we have in life, and further amplify our purpose. That’s the ultimate win/win!

Trusting God With Our Life Puzzle

Jigsaw Guide Purpose

When we look at life, let’s recognize that we’re never going to have all the answers. And that’s okay!

We don’t need to have every piece in place. We don’t need to have the puzzle completed to figure out how to do life. Whew! What a relief! Let’s relax, and lean into our relationship with Him. Through Him we discover our purpose. Through Him we can journey with confidence through life.

Watch A Jigsaw Guide to Life, Alex’s short video version of this blog post.


Friends, you can look forward to learning more about trusting God in our upcoming posts. Next time we look at the power of Christ’s resurrection! Let’s keep journeying together, friends!

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Propaga el amor de Dios