Open Letter to Set Free Summit

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beggars daughter jessica

Jessica Harris, Beggar’s Daughter

Jessica Harris is a writer, speaker and author and presenter at Set Free Summit 2016. Original blog post can be found here.

I just finished packing to head home and I’ve done so in an absolute daze.

Seven years.  Seven years I have been doing this and I have never met a more welcoming, loving, and supportive audience.  I cry when I think about how the conversation is changing.  It is moving from one of defensiveness and resistance to one of passion and grace.

Thank you.

To the fathers who came to me with tears in your eyes, weeping over your daughters- thank you.  I challenge you to love your little girls before the world teaches them they are unworthy of such love.  May God give you the strength and grace to love them wholly, no matter who they are, or what they’ve done.

To the women who came to me and for the first time felt free enough to speak the words “I struggle with pornography”- you are so very brave.  I hope you know that.

I cried every time those words were spoken out loud, because, for years you’ve never felt safe enough to share them.  I know.  I’ve been there.  Take hope.

The tide is changing.

To the pastors who came, eager for help and resources, wanting to take the message back to your churches- you are counter-cultural.  You are grabbing hold of the ladder and shaking it up.  Bring it down.

The devil will resist.  Women are his final frontier in this fight.  The church is getting ahead of him.

You bought every last copy of my book, but you can pick up more.  You bought cases of the Sexual Sanity for Women study.  They were not expecting that.  Good thing New Growth Press is right down the road!

Thank you.  Thank you for letting me share my heart, my story, and most importantly, the message of Grace.  If you would like me to come share it in your circle, please just let me know.

There are no statistics with God. Simply: All, None, and Anyone.  Tweet

That is the message of Grace.  God bless you as you carry it home and apply it to your families, your churches, your marriages, your ministries, your communities, and even yourselves.

It is an honor to carry that message with you.

Don’t lose heart.  This is a fight.  And we will win.

For His Glory, because of His Grace,


Propaga el amor de Dios

Propaga el amor de Dios