Maddie and Marshall on the Crucifixion

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Mrs. Clark’s 7th Grade Bible Class Discusses:

Playing Dead

The Swoon Myth


The Swoon Myth is the thought that Jesus never really died. The myth states that Jesus merely passed out and the disciples took him from the grave.

This is obviously false, not only did Mary Magdalene and Mary, Jesus’ mother, see Him after He rose from the grave, but it would’ve taken a lot longer than three days to recover if He just fainted.

There is no possible way He could have survived the crucifixion.

The “art” of crucifixion is kind of like life, it’s great until it beats you up until you die. Then someone comes in just to make sure that you’re dead.

For example, the Roman centurion was certified in making sure the criminal is dead. He gave Jesus a thumbs up and a finger pointing to the grave.

Christians are fully confident that Jesus died a full human death because if He didn’t we would have to die for our own sins.

Many passages in the Bible lead back to the fact that Jesus did die for our sins, and if we believe that then we will be saved, for the Lord himself said so.

Maddie, age 12



Some people tend to believe that Jesus wasn’t really dead and was only “playing dead.” This myth is false.

There are several witnesses from the Bible and even other books that He was dead. Even the Roman centurions, who put Him to death, say He was dead.

 Roman centurions knew what it looked like for people to die. They didn’t even stab Him, to make sure He was dead, because they were one-hundred percent sure He was.

They were more concerned about putting Him where the disciples couldn’t steal His body to fake his resurrection.

In the Bible it says people beat their chest and went home after they saw Him die.

People went home because they knew He was dead.

This myth seems awfully unintelligent for various reasons. I think this myth has been debunked.

Marshall, age 13





“To imagine that a man survived that experience… must certainly require a brutal willingness to rewrite history and ignore the simple truth…”

(Don’t Check Your Brains at the Door, p. 70)




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