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North Africa and Middle East

Reach truth seekers with the gospel

War, persecution and poverty make daily news across much of North Africa and the Middle East. As government leaders and radical religious influences seek to drive God’s church underground, it grows. People are opening up to the gospel and coming to faith like never before.

In places where it seems impossible to share the gospel, our staff are seeing people come to faith and be discipled thanks to the digital resources and innovative ministry strategies you make possible. This year our staff have requested over 1,588,170 resources to reach even more people with the truth.

Technology and truth

With so much pain and suffering around them, people are asking questions. They are looking for real truth and lasting hope. In order to reach these truth seekers, our staff leverage digital resources, such as SD cards, USB drives, hotspots and apps, to safely and effectively share truth. Our staff report that approximately 1.6 million evangelistic and discipleship resources are downloaded every month.

One of our staff recently took a hotspot with him on a 45-minute ferry ride. He told us, “I would never have had the chance to distribute 12 More Than a Carpenter books on a 45-minute journey on the boat, but through new technology, it’s amazing what God is doing.”

Ministry in the night

In other parts of North Africa and the Middle East, book fairs are one of the most effective ways to engage truth seekers and share evangelistic resources with them. Last year our staff and volunteers served at 24 book fairs across North Africa and the Middle East and were the only Christian booth at 20 of the fairs.

One of our partners shared, “A woman in a full burka came to our booth. After she returned home, she began calling the Communication Center every day for a week to ask questions about the book she received. On the sixth or seventh day, she called and told our staff member, ‘I want you to know, I believe in Jesus.’”

Every book or resource distributed includes contact information for recipients to connect with someone in their area who can answer their questions about faith. More and more, people are calling our Communication Centers in the middle of the night, while their families are asleep, so they can safely learn about Jesus.

“I want you to know, I believe in Jesus.”

— Book Fair Attendee

A heritage of Christian faith

The Right Choices Bible features 63 biblical stories that are colorfully illustrated and include discussion questions, culturally relevant activities and a prayer. Entire families, including children, parents and grandparents, have come to faith as a result of reading this book together.

Two years ago we had the opportunity to partner with the Egyptian Coptic Christian Church with a vision to provide one million copies of the book to families across Egypt. Most of these families live under radical religious influences or have little or no access to a church or Christian material. Last year we printed the first 48,000 copies of the Egyptian Right Choices Bible for families.

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