Makeen’s Story

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After 48 years, the relentless web of unforgiveness was strangling Makeen* nearly to death. His perpetrator had passed away 10 years prior but even the satisfaction of knowing he was dead did not free Makeen.

And now unforgiveness was threatening to accompany him to his own grave one day.

“When I was a small kid in my first years of school,” says Makeen, “one of my teachers treated me in a way that no adult should ever treat a child.” The experience instilled deep within Makeen a sense of shame. That shame became a part of his life, and unforgiveness took root.

Unforgiveness is never without its persistent siblings — anger and resentment — and together they keep lives from flourishing. Makeen’s life proved it.

As Makeen grew older his past wouldn’t let go. And he never felt moved to forgive.

Why forgive? Forgiving would feel like telling his teacher that what he did was okay.

Unexpectedly, one day in his 50s, a friend invited Makeen to watch a movie with him. Living in a country that is hostile to the gospel, neither man had seen it before. They did not know what to expect. The movie was Undaunted, the film revealing Josh’s own riveting life story of growing up on a farm with an alcoholic father and an abusive farmhand.

As Makeen watched the movie, which had been translated into his own language, the walls around his heart came tumbling down.

“I could not believe it,” he says. “Josh experienced the same thing I did as a child, and yet he chose to forgive. I said to myself, ‘Why not me? God, I want to forgive too.’

Then and there, with his friend by his side, Makeen got on his knees and prayed to God, “Lord, I forgive him.” He regretted the bitterness he had let consume his life. Makeen asked to be made new.

After years of life marked by unforgiveness, today Makeen is a free man.

Makeen is now undaunted…a man liberated from his past, freely living each day with joy — a new life YOU made possible!

Makeen’s future is bright because of the support, events, videos and other Christ-centered resources you help provide through your partnership with Josh McDowell Ministry. You are helping make life-change possible through the truth of Jesus Christ!

But countless others around the globe still live with hardened hearts, restricted from a full life due to past wounds. They are hurting and without hope.The truth of Jesus Christ is for everyone, and it is made accessible in specific heart languages when you partner with Josh McDowell Ministry!

When your own life has been transformed by the power of Jesus Christ, you can’t help but want others to experience it too!

And the need is great today.

Partner today with Josh McDowell Ministry to make the truth of Jesus Christ known in heart languages around the world. So many Christians, such as Makeen, live in countries hostile to the gospel and need to be equipped in their faith. And so many others have yet to come to know Christ.

*Name changed for security purposes

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