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La Verdad Desnuda

WARNING: THE CREATIVE CONTENT IN THIS VIDEO MAY BE disturbing and / or may be a “trigger” for those recovering from Sexual Addiction. You can find useful written content

The temptations are waiting in line – just 1 click away – invade our homes and our schools, fighting for the hearts and minds of young people, perhaps even yourself. God, faith, and strong moral values ​​may protect the hearts and minds against a slippery slope. But we must wake up and act now and instill moral strength in our youth! The truth and facts can make us free. These are just one click away.

[Disclaimer: The video Just1ClickAway was created according to the highest standards of integrity. All minors working in the video were supervised at all times by their parents. Parents met with the principal before and reviewed closely the script, received explanations about the purpose and use of video and signed release of liability. All children were in the recording studio only for specific parties and their scenes were recorded without suggestive images and / or other characters in front of them. Posted on April 23, 2012]

Just a click away Josh McDowell (Spanish: Download )

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Questions for Josh

  • At what age begin to discuss topics such as masturbation and pornography?
  • How and when I attack the issue of homosexuality?
  • Can you undo the emotional confidence from past relationships so they do not interfere with your marriage relationship?
  • How and when I attack the issue of homosexuality?
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  • How do you handle establishing relationships and healthy deep bonds of trust with children?
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  • How do you do if you are so busy, to ensure you have quality time with his wife and children, especially when they are young?
  • Do I need to talk to my current boyfriend about my experiences in particular sexual past relationships?
  • What are the numbers or pictures of those involved in pornography in Colombia and the United States? What ages are involved?
  • What advice would you give to someone who has been waiting for 10 years for that special someone and he or she does not yet know?
  • What advice would you give to those who have committed adultery or sexually abused and find it difficult to talk about what happened?
  • HPV – I’m clear on how HPV is transmitted, so if an infected person approaches me, I can get the virus?
  • Examples of how you talk to your children when they were children
  • How to establish deep relationships, healthy relationships with your children?
Propaga el amor de Dios