Leaving the Church and Finding Faith

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It’s the greatest barrier to faith in Christ among young people in Europe today.

And it’s fueling a crisis!

Though this region of the world once had a rich spiritual heritage, today their youth are walking away from the church in droves. A mass exodus you might say. The younger generation just doesn’t see how Jesus is still relevant.

And with all that’s going on in our world right now, the problems in this region of the world are often overlooked. Out of sight, out of mind. Forgotten. But the stakes couldn’t be higher!

Recently, Josh traveled to Poland where over 1,300 youth gathered to hear his message on sex, love and relationships. They’d never heard anyone speak so candidly before. Finally, Josh shared his personal story of sexual abuse, skepticism and the gospel.

At the end of the evening, 440 students accepted Christ! One young woman commented, “You’ve really moved our minds and our hearts. You have awakened our thirst to experience God.”

These young men and women are hungry for truth! And we have the opportunity to answer their questions about faith and explain why Jesus is still relevant — and how He changes lives. Our partners serving in Europe have requested over 100,000 resources to reach young people with the truth of Jesus. Will you help today?

Provide resources for young adults in Europe who are searching for truth

You and I both know Jesus is the only answer!

Our ministry partners in these countries are counting on you! Young adults throughout Europe are walking away from the church. They’re questioning their faith and wondering how the Bible and Jesus are still relevant today.

With your gift, you’ll provide trustworthy books and resources to help explain the basics of Christianity in a way that young adults can understand, answering their questions about Jesus, the Bible and absolute truth.

Please give a gift today to help provide Christ-centered books and resources to help reach Europe’s youth with the truth. You’ll provide titles like:

  • More Than a Carpenter
  • The Bare Facts
  • The Witness

You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to help meet the needs of our hardworking ministry partners. Give them the resources they need to further their scope of ministry. You’ll help young people in these countries learn the truth about Jesus — before it’s too late.

Please give today!


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