Latin America and the Caribbean

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Latin America and the Caribbean

A long history

For over 50 years, Josh and the ministry have served pastors, leaders, parents and youth across Latin America and the Caribbean. In many parts of the region, pastoral training and resources are scarce. Many serve their congregations tirelessly with little or no access to theological or biblical education. Pastors often make great economic sacrifices too as they serve their congregations and also seek to provide for their families.

That is why we remain committed to providing print and digital resources, along with live events, to train pastors and leaders and reach the next generation with the truth.

Set free

Last year Josh and our Associate Communicators, Ben Bennett and Jake Kissack, spoke in Mexico, Uruguay and Argentina at Set Free Summit events. Their messages were focused on a “wholeness apologetic ” — a foundation of biblical truth that helps individuals experience spiritual wholeness with God, emotional wholeness within themselves and relational wholeness with others.

Lives are being transformed as pastors, leaders and parents learn to help the next generation walk in freedom from addictive behaviors and the shame they bring.

“God has provided biblical and clinical solutions and is bringing His people to freedom and healing around the globe.”

— Ben, Staff

A window of opportunity

In the late 1990s, the Lord opened incredible doors in Cuba, allowing us to share nearly two million copies of Josh’s books with pastors, leaders and lay people — impacting an entire generation of believers and furthering their ability to reach their country for Christ. But for much of the past 15 years, increased government regulations have shut down our opportunities to serve in this area. Until now.

Recently a new partnership formed that has allowed us to again provide resources to the people of Cuba. This year we have been asked to provide 71,000 books and resources, translated into Spanish. After years of using outdated equipment, in order to avoid government shutdown, our partners are also looking for help to purchase new printing technology that will multiply their effectiveness, allowing them to print not only more books but also Bibles.

Will you join us in sharing truth in Latin America and the Caribbean? Together we can continue our rich history of providing biblical training and resources in this important region.

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