With your gifts, Ivan has been ministering in Russia for 25 years

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“All of the current leaders of the church in Russia were raised in their faith by Josh McDowell books. At that point these books were the ONLY Christian books available in the Russian language, and now these people are sharing the gospel with the next generation.” – a ministry partner in Russia

27426-Landing Page copySowing seeds of the gospel in Russia

  • Ivan, a pastor with a heart for reaching Russia’s youth, is so passionate about sharing the gospel, that when his church had no money to pay him, he slept in his car for months in order to continue his ministry! He has used your gifts of books, like More Than a Carpenter, in his evangelism efforts with young people for almost 25 years!
  • Olga received More Than a Carpenter as a gift at an evangelism event. “Amazingly, it answered many of the questions that I had previously wondered about. It showed me very clearly God’s love for people.”
  • Anya, a young woman, was so desperately unhappy in her marriage that she contemplated suicide. When she turned to her neighbors for consolation she learned about Jesus when her neighbors shared More Than a Carpenter with her. After reading it, she accepted Christ!

You can help share the gospel with those who don’t know Jesus 

$3.45 provides a Christ-centered book like More Than a Carpenter

Right now, we have requests from our ministry partners in Russia for 36,000 Christian books and resources. They’re desperate for Russian translations of the following titles to use in their ministries:

  • A special edition of More Than a Carpenter/The Gospel of Luke flip book
  • The Father Connection
  • How to Be a Hero to Your Kids
  • The Secret of Loving
  • Don’t Check Your Brains at the Door
  • Undaunted
  • Ten Commitments for Dads

There are over 100,000 villages throughout Russia that haven’t heard the gospel. These courageous young men and women have reached nearly 20,000 villages so far but need more resources to further the message of Jesus.

You can provide Christ-centered books that help the people of Russia understand the truth of the gospel and draw them to Jesus.

Each $3.45 you give today will provide one Christ-centered book or resource.

For a gift of $100 or more, Josh will send you a special gift (something he personally picked up during his last trip to Russia)!


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