Invisible to the World — not to God

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kuan-graphicBrother Kuan lives in a country in North Africa that is hostile to the gospel. He’s the only believer in a small village where all his relatives live. Every day he experiences ridicule and offense — even from his relatives — because he believes in Jesus Christ.

Life is hard in the rural countryside where Kuan lives. Typically, people in his culture come alongside one another in aid and support.

But not for Kuan. It’s as if he’s invisible — even to his relatives.

Sometimes he must work all day and night, alone. His family, fearful they will be “infected by his faith,” keep their distance. They’re afraid they too will become outcasts in their community.

Life was nearly unbearable for Kuan until he met with us and received the gift of encouragement through Truth-filled books you and others helped provide!

Kuan testified, “I read every night. I get encouraged and inspired! I am not the only one was has experienced persecution. I am not the only one who goes through this trial of faith! My Lord Jesus is with me!”


These Truth-filled books have been such a blessing to Kuan. “They have taught me how to relate to my relatives,” said Kuan. “I respond with love to their ridicule, ‘for they do not know what they are doing.’ I’ve noticed that . . . I am changing! I pray more. People around me change as well! Of course, I understand that this is God who changes my attitude — and my heart is full of thanks to Him!”

So many people around the world like Kuan need to discover the Truth about Jesus and find the encouragement they need to grow in their faith. Will you help them today?




Propaga el amor de Dios

Propaga el amor de Dios