Gulf Partnerships


GOAL: RAISE $290,904




This summer, tens of thousands of people from closed countries in the Gulf region will travel to European cities for work, vacation, shopping, medical treatment and more. Our teams will be there, reaching out to as many as possible through our Gulf Partnership Outreach.

Would you be willing to partner with us in this massive evangelism effort by helping to share my books, including More Than a Carpenter, with those who yearn to be set free by the TRUTH of Jesus?

Every $3.72 you give now — or by Saturday, March 31, at the latest — will put a Christian resource into the hands of a truth seeker.

The need is great for this effort, so our staff has requested 78,200 copies of Christ
centered resources — including More Than a CarpenterUndaunted on DVD, The Deity
of Christ
 and more than 3,300 SD cards loaded with Christ-centered media.



This is what the new believers you reach will face…

When they return home — many to places where the Christian materials we share are illegal — these new believers will risk their careers, their families and even their lives to share their new faith with others.

“It could be trouble for me…”

One of our team members was on the street and a man from the Middle East named Jabir,* walked up and took a Bible. He started paging through it, and immediately asked about translations.

Our volunteer explained to him that each translation of the Bible, including Arabic, is based on the original Greek manuscripts. This led to an animated conversation about the gospel.

It was if a lightbulb had been turned on. The man agreed that it is better to have the Bible in his own language. Our volunteer said, “You can take this with you,” offering him an SD card with the Bible and other Christian resources loaded on it.

He really liked that and said, “Yes, it could be trouble for me taking a Bible back to my home country. Thank you!”



Help put More Than a Carpenter and other Josh resources into the hands of truth seekers from the Middle East


Life-changing films like Undaunted that share the message of the gospel in culturally relevant ways.


SD cards loaded with gospel-centered resources, so that people from closed countries can safely learn about Jesus.


Christ-centered titles like More Than a Carpenter and The Deity of Christ — translated into the languages of those who receive them.

It costs just $3.72 to reach one
person. Look how far your gift will go!


will reach
10 truth seekers!


will reach
25 truth seekers!


will reach
100 truth seekers!

My friend, your gift right now will be crucial to the success of this year’s outreach.

That’s how urgent this need is.

When you help, you’ll give people like Jabir a reason to hope.

Please give now to help make this ambitious outreach possible and share Christ with as many people as you can.

Until the world hears,

P.S. Your partnership in this massive evangelism effort will share the truth of Jesus with those who yearn to know real freedom. Won’t you give now to help?

*Name has been changed for security purposes.
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