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The impact of your year-end gift will be DOUBLED!

Reach seekers worldwide who need to find salvation in Jesus


You can DOUBLE YOUR Impact!

Joel, the owner of a Christian bookstore in France, tells the following incredible story:

On most weekday mornings, a group of women gathered across the street from his store. Many wore the traditional clothing of their culture and faith. Others wore just scarfs.

These women would wait until the store was completely empty. Then one of them would quickly rush in. The women would never stay long. And each day, it was a different woman.

At first, Joel was scared. He thought they might want a confrontation. Then he was just curious. But to his surprise, one by one, the women began asking him about Jesus.

They knew nothing at all about the Christian faith, but said they couldn’t risk going to a church. They wanted to know if Jesus was real. They wanted to ask for prayer. And they wanted a Bible. Joel’s store was the only place they felt safe enough to ask questions about Jesus.

This story demonstrates the incredible need for tools and resources that help people to safely — and oftentimes secretly — investigate the claims of Christ.

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Share the tools people need to know what they believe, why it’s true and how to live it out.


Your impact is essential. Your partnership at year’s end is vital.

Today, as we move into the traditional year-end season of generosity, please stand with us to give the gift of truth. It’s perhaps the most meaningful gift of all.

When you give, you’ll reach seeking hearts, hurting hearts, hungry hearts and even hardened hearts with the only truth that can save: the truth of Jesus.

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Through your year-end gift, you’ll introduce even more seekers to Jesus AND equip believers worldwide.

  • Lead seekers, agnostics and atheists to discover truth.
  • Disciple new believers toward a deeper understanding of truth.
  • Equip Christians to share truth.

Please give the gift that men, women and children everywhere are desperate for — the gift of truth!


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