A Gift that Changed a Life

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I read More Than a Carpenter in the 80’s and it became my favorite book.  I have bought many and given them away and I am still doing so.  My mother was a public school teacher and I told her about the book.  One year in the 80’s she wrapped the book and gave it to her teacher’s aides who were high school students.

My mother is now 89 and she saw one of her former aides in the post office.  He greeted her and asked if she remembered him.

“Of course!”  she said.

He told her that her Christmas gift all those years ago had changed his life and he had accepted Christ and was called to be a pastor.  All because mother had given him the book,”More than a Carpenter.

I cried because I was able to share in that joy, because I had recommended it.  I wanted you to share in that joy, also.

I will continuing sharing the book and thank The Lord that He used you to write it.

Propaga el amor de Dios

Propaga el amor de Dios