Flesh Series


This free, online 10 week series will equip you and the men you minister to experience freedom from sexual sin, lust, and pornography.

The Flesh series provides a comprehensive approach, utilizing timeless Biblical and psychological principles. Go through it with a mentor or friend, or host a 10 week small group discussion. For women, we recommend the Desire Series.

The series is divided into two sections:

Tips for launching Flesh Series small groups

  • Make an announcement up front and avoid shaming language. Have a slide with an email address to contact for more information about the series. Avoid having people sign up in the back or “outing” themselves as one struggling with sexual sin.
  • Have a facilitator lead the group each week, reading through and doing the work a week in advance to be well equipped.
  • Pick a quiet and secluded location.
  • Avoid unsolicited advice between group members.
  • Keep what is said at the group at group.
  • Avoid overspiritualized answers to people’s struggles. People may be facing a lot of pain and shame, and sexual struggles can be very complex on a spiritual, psychological, and emotional level.
  • Encourage people to not share any illegal activity in the group, unless they have spoken with a lawyer. In most states you may be required to report what has been said
  • Encourage the men to be all in, doing all of their work, and trusting God to bring healing and freedom to their lives. Note: Unwanted sexual behavior can be very deeply rooted, so for many, this 10 week group will be a great start but they will need to continue on in their healing journey with further resources. We recommend going through the Seven Pillars of Freedom by Pure Desire (available at puredesire.org) after this series is completed.
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