The Financial Burden of Pornography Addiction

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blog_pornography_financial-burden(Post written by Anne Smith, mother and healthcare professional)

We are well aware that individuals addicted to pornography, and their loved ones, pay a high emotional price. An addiction to pornography takes a huge toll on a relationship, resulting in emotional isolation and a loss of time spent enjoying more productive activities, particularly with your family and loved ones. However, people very rarely talk about the financial burden that also accompanies an addiction to pornography. Porn addiction can often escalate and spill over into a real-world sex addiction, and both of these conditions can ultimately cost the addict thousands of dollars that most people simply don’t have.

Searching for Extremes

Because, unfortunately, large parts of the internet are dedicated to the provision of free pornography, many addicts don’t even realise the cost of their addiction until it’s too late: however, once an addiction has taken hold, often free internet pornography simply isn’t enough. Addicts begin to access more extreme ‘paid-for’ internet pornography websites, and increasingly take advantage of the huge number of online adverts on this kind of website advertising escorts and their services: an online addiction can quickly escalate into a very expensive real-life problem that it is very shameful to admit to, and difficult to control. Like all addicts, addicts to sex and pornography quickly find that they need more in order to get their ‘fix’: where one video was once enough, they now need several. Where abusing themselves once gave them the physical sensation they craved, many addicts soon turn to involving others in their addiction too. With the average escort experience costing hundreds of dollars, many sex addicts find they are spending their savings, their salary, borrowing money from their spouse and loved ones, or simply getting into a mountain of debt they can’t afford in order to continue feeding the demon of their addiction.

Becoming a Workplace Issue

Dealing with the huge burden of debt at the same time as trying to overcome an addiction to pornography can be overwhelming. Many porn addicts face the additional financial worry that they might lose their jobs: with the shocking figure that 70 percent of porn viewing occurs during normal business hours, it is clear that this is an addiction that cannot be left at the office door, and that many individuals are risking their career and their financial security to get their next fix.

According to the Family Research Council, almost half of porn addicts will lose their job as a result of choosing to view pornography in the workplace. Tweet

This makes an addiction to pornography more than simply a family issue, it is also becoming a workplace issue, and one that can truly ruin every aspect of your life. Very few families would survive financially for long if their main breadwinner was unemployed as a result of addiction, increasing the huge financial implications of developing a pornography addiction.

A Burden on Your Mental Health

The stress of dealing with debt, financial insecurity and addiction can lead to depression and other emotional and mental health problems. There is a known and clinically clarified link between financial insecurity and depression, whilst feeling addicted to porn can cause psychological distress and feelings of physical and emotional confusion. It has even been suggested by a study published in Psychology Today that viewing pornography on a daily basis can trigger severe depression, whilst those individuals watching pornography 3-5 times a week are more likely to suffer with moderate depression, compared to the general populous. An addiction to pornography is a burden to your mental health, and this burden will only be amplified by the accompanying debt and financial insecurities that many pornography addicts have to cope with.

Luckily, there is support available for those committed to overcoming their addiction to pornography: with the right guidance and encouragement, they are demons that can be overcome, and you can resume your life on the right track. It is essential to seek help and support as soon as you realise your pornography consumption is becoming a problem: you can secure your emotional and financial security if you receive treatment before it’s too late.

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