Tajah was not reachable in her own country

Tajah was not reachable in her own country

Against all odds, hearts like Tajah’s are turning to the gospel in unprecedented numbers

For those living in regions of the world where they’re shut off from and forbidden to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, it’s not easy — and sometimes impossible — to seek Him.

Christian resources just aren’t available.

But God will always find a way…


Tajah, a 25-year-old woman from the Middle East, was attending university in Paris. As a follower of the predominant religion in her country, she had never really had the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

But that all changed when she went off to school and experienced the freedom Europe had to offer.

At Tajah’s university, there’s a campus ministry that uses Josh McDowell books to reach students from closed countries with the gospel. Through the ministry, Tajah received a copy of More Than a Carpenter. After reading it, she realized everything she had ever heard about Jesus was a lie. Tajah became a Christian and was discipled by other student believers.

Shortly after Tajah became a Christian and was baptized, she really had the urge to go and visit her family in the Middle East. She had not been home for three years. But since her family members were all devout followers of the predominant religion of the Middle East, her new brothers and sisters in Christ were worried for her.

They warned her to be careful and not to be too open about her newfound faith. But Tajah thought, Why would I not tell everyone about this wonderful discovery? So that’s what she did, despite the risk! She started by sharing her faith with a Middle Eastern woman on the airplane!

Upon her arrival, Tajah’s family had prepared a big meal to celebrate her homecoming and had invited all her relatives. As they sat down to the meal, before they began eating, Tajah said, “Stop! You can’t eat yet. We have to pray first.”

“Pray for what?” one of her relatives asked.

“We need to pray and thank God for the food,” shared Tajah.

Several of Tajah’s relatives laughed as she was praying. And her father became angry. Her mother was upset with her too. But that didn’t stop her!

Sowing seeds for Christ in rocky soil — and reaping a harvest!

Before Tajah left her homeland after six weeks, 10 people of her family prayed and received Christ! She introduced them to other believers close by their city and they even started a Bible study in their home.

Today, Tajah is back at school in Paris. She’s part of a new outreach to international students on campus. Since she‘s been back, she’s led her sister (also a student) to Christ, as well as another friend from her home country. “I recently received news that my mother accepted Christ” shared Tajah. “But not my dad. Though he has gotten to a point where he doesn’t mind.”

Please pray for Tajah, her family and her fellow classmates who have accepted Christ and are growing in their faith. And also for her father and others who have yet to discover the truth about Jesus.


Today, more than ever, men, women and young people all around the world are searching for answers. Searching for peace. Searching for the truth. Even those living in the most unreachable regions of the world are opening their hearts and minds to the truth like never before!

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Our world desperately needs good news.

Global unrest. Economic instability. Political discord. Cultural values that are dangerously distorted and deceptive.

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From a Christian in the Middle East

“Compare the Middle East to the United States. In the United States, there is a new Christian book being published every 15 seconds. You look in the [Middle East] world: nothing. I mean you are talking nothing. How are we going to say the Great Commission is fulfilled if they have never seen the New Testament, if they have never read Christian books like More Than a Carpenter?”


A trailblazer for truth and relationships, Josh McDowell has been at the forefront of cultural trends and groundbreaking ministry for over five decades. Since 1961, Josh has delivered more than 27,000 talks to over 25 million people in 125 countries.

Josh shares the essentials of the Christian faith in everyday language so that youth, families, churches, leaders and individuals of all ages can discover what they believe and how to live out their faith in an ever-changing culture.

We believe your generosity is a sacred trust. And we’re dedicated to being faithful stewards while serving and equipping the body of Christ in raising generations of purpose-driven Christians worldwide who know what they believe, why it is true, and how to live it out.


World magazine:
Josh McDowell is the author or coauthor of 140 books available in over 100 different languages, including More Than a Carpenter and New Evidence That Demands a Verdict, recognized by World magazine as “one of the top 40 books of the twentieth century.”

Christianity Today:
“These are books that have shaped evangelicalism as we see it today — not an evangelicalism we wish and hope for. Books that have been published since World War II — not every book in the history of Christianity. Books that over the last 50 years have altered the way American evangelicals pray, gather, talk, and reach out — not books that merely entertained.”

*Names and photos may have been changed to protect identities.

Men, women and young people in the Middle East are discovering the truth about Jesus after reading More Than a Carpenter.


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