Summer of Family

Provide Christ-centered resources for families worldwide.

Your gift will help reach families with the truth about Jesus!

So many families around the world are in crisis.

Especially in places like the Middle East, China and North Africa, where they don’t have Christ-centered resources to help them build strong marriages, raise faithful kids and weather the storms of life.

For more than 50 years, generous friends of Josh McDowell Ministry have helped build Christ-centered families by providing family-focused resources like:

  • The Secret of Loving
  • The Father Connection
  • How to Be a Hero to Your Kids
  • The 7 A’s of Parenting
  • and more

Through the Summer of Family 2015, you can help put these life-changing resources into the hands — and hearts — of families all around the world.

Please prayerfully consider a generous gift today.


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To make a gift by phone:

  • Josh McDowell Ministry Development Office
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  • Cru Donation Services Office
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Guan’s Story

Guan treated his wife poorly and had affairs with other women. He refused to work and had little to do with his 3-year-old daughter. One day, a friend gave him copies of The Secret of Loving and How to Be a Hero to Your Kids. The more Guan read, the more he longed to follow God’s ways and be a better husband and father. Today, Guan is studying theology and puts his family first.

Raina’s Story

At age 5, Raina was abandoned by her prostitute mother. She spent the remainder of her childhood in and out of various homes — some of which were extremely abusive. She eventually ended up in a life of drugs, alcohol, sex and crime. By age 26, she found herself raising two daughters on her own. “I’ve never seen a functioning, two-parent Christian home,” Raina shared. “I’ve tried to be everything for my two girls — but I need help.”

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