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What others are saying about this new edition of Evidence That Demands a Verdict

“When I was a college student full of questions about the authenticity of my faith, I used Evidence That Demands a Verdict as my go-to reference book. I’m grateful to Josh for this updated release for my two sons.”

— Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

“In 1972, shortly after the accident in which I became paralyzed, I picked up a book that helped solidify my belief in God and faith in Christ. Still struggling to accept my wheelchair, I needed rock-solid evidence that there was a personal God who genuinely cared about my plight. Evidence That Demands a Verdict was that remarkable book, and I’m so happy that this timeless classic is now updated and being released to a whole new generation of readers! Can’t recommend it enough!”

—  Joni Eareckson Tada, Founder/CEO, Joni and Friends, International Disability Center

“Here’s a treasure trove of apologetic gems! This is an indispensable book that all Christians should keep within reach. Countless people benefitted from the original version, but this updated and expanded edition makes this volume even more valuable and timely. Thank you, Josh and Sean — this classic resource has my very highest recommendation!”

—  Lee Strobel, best-selling author of The Case for Christ and In Defense of Jesus

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