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Josh’s Story


Join Josh as he shares the unforgettable story of his personal encounter with Jesus Christ. A dysfunctional family life, an alcoholic and violent father and a sexually abusive worker on the family farm left Josh with a lifetime of scars and shame. Eager to rail against the existence of a loving God, he set out to intellectually disprove Christianity. You’ll find encouragement, hope and redemption in Josh’s story of how God’s passionate love and grace, along with the evidences for the truth of Christianity, forever changed the life of this former agnostic.

Josh speaks on the following topics:

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Classical Apologetics

Help people understand the importance of Christ, the reliability of the Bible, and the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus.

Address of Jesus

God narrowed down the search for the Messiah by creating an “address in history.” Just as your address sets you apart from everyone else on Earth so, too, God created an address for His Son, setting him apart from everyone else. Josh takes you through a thrilling journey of over 333 prophecies in the Bible that were all fulfilled in one individual — Jesus Christ — thereby validating His claim to be God.

Bible: Fact, Fiction, or Fable

Does the Bible we have today really contain what was written down over 2000 years ago or has it been changed? And, is what was written down true? Josh presents convincing evidences supporting the reliability of the New Testament. Through unveiling actual ancient artifacts and early manuscripts you will have a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to experience first-hand how God has protected His Word through the centuries.

Deity of Christ

IF God became man, THEN what would He be like? Josh guides us with quotations and observations of Christians and non-Christians alike about the person, character, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and His impact on the world for over two thousand years.

Reclaiming Easter (7-part series)

Josh validates the deity of Jesus Christ by looking closely at events we celebrate today as Easter, including Jesus’ claims of deity, His trial, crucifixion, burial and resurrection, eyewitness accounts and much more.

  • Part 1: Claims of Deity, Trial of Jesus, the Trilemma, Resurrection Claims
  • Part 2: Resurrection Testimonies, Scientific Method, Legal Method, Approaching History, the Historian
  • Part 3: Bibliographical Test – How many manuscripts? Internal Evidence Test, Eyewitness Accounts, Appeal to Listeners, External Evidence Test, Biblical Variants, Hostile Eyewitnesses
  • Part 4: Eyewitness Accounts, Trial of Jesus, Crucifixion of Christ, Dead Man Speaks, Crucifixion/Medical Explanation (whips, breaking legs, spilling of blood & water, furca, Roman customs, solid rock tomb, reasons for confidential burial, Jewish burial procedures, body preparation)
  • Part 5: Post-Resurrection Facts (Roman seal broken, security guard, empty tomb, moved stone, Roman guard goes AWOL, grave-clothes tell a tale, Christ’s confirmed appearance)
  • Part 6: Theories: Myth, Wrong Tomb, Unknown Tomb, Legend, Swoon, Hallucination; Theory Weaknesses, Muslim Substitution Theory, Conspiracy Theory, Skeptic’s Opinion, Certainty of Jesus’ Death, Passover-The Plot
  • Part 7: Evidence for the Resurrection: Direct Evidence vs Circumstantial Evidence, Circumstantial Evidence, Prophecy Fulfilled in Christ, Possibility of Just 8 Prophecies fulfilled, Why did Jesus have to die?, Who is God?, Redemption/Propitiation, Why did God create us?, Illustration: Story of the Judge


Josh shares the agonizing events Jesus suffered during His trials and crucifixion and the incredible details leading up to Jesus’ glorious resurrection and the hope we have as a result.

Touch the Evidence (Lodz Scroll)

This spiritual adventure through history, archaeology and antiquities will satisfy your mind and soul about the reliability of the Bible. Doubts fade as rock-solid facts unfold. You will leave knowing with real confidence why you believe! You will be able to touch AND photograph the 500-year-old Lodz Torah, learn how these ancient scrolls were preserved and see manuscript fragments that were hidden for over 1600 years!

Experience a greater appreciation for the Word of God as you see and touch a living treasure.

Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

If we are not confident that Jesus literally rose from the grave to atone for our sins, our faith regarding salvation is on shaky ground. The good news is that Christ’s bodily resurrection IS an historical fact! Josh’s message will help to solidify and firm up our faith as he shares some of the many evidences for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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