Europe and Russia

Share Truth in Europe and Russia

Changing landscape

Ministry in Europe and Russia is changing. In cultures where people once hungered for truth, agnosticism now threatens faith, and radical religious influences abound. But instead of being discouraged, our in-country staff look for new ways to share truth.

In just one small European country, where most people know little about Jesus or Christianity, our vibrant in-country team uses Josh’s More than a Carpenter to engage college students, reach seekers and disciple new believers. They also use social media to post quotes and videos of Josh to create discussion and build relationships with those who are seriously investigating Christianity.

Gulf Partnership Outreach

Last year 250 staff and volunteers traveled from their home countries in the Gulf region to serve in 12 major European cities, engaging truth seekers in gospel conversations using Josh’s books and other materials.

Every summer thousands of people from the Gulf travel to Europe for vacation, medical treatment, business and more. Within the safe boarders of Europe, they can freely learn about Jesus, ask questions about faith and connect with our staff and volunteers.

Our teams shared 22,111 Josh McDowell books along with other biblical resources. They had over 8,000 spiritual conversations and saw 163 people come to faith in Christ. Our staff use websites and social media to follow up with and disciple new believers once they return home. Our volunteers, who have learned to share their faith in a secure environment, also return home with confidence and passion to share the gospel in their home countries.

“More Than a Carpenter is one the best resources for Christians to know about their faith and also for seekers who have lots of questions.

— Staff, Europe

A new direction in life

Drug and alcohol abuse continue to be a major social issue in Russia. People are looking for hope, healing and freedom.

In the Siberian region, our partners lead 60 drug rehabilitation centers and half-way houses. Josh’s film, Undaunted, is shared monthly at 15 of the centers. They also use More Than a Carpenter, Evidence That Demands a Verdict and 10 Commitments for Dads to share truth.

Recently Alexey enrolled in one of the rehabilitation centers. And although he had lost everything by worldly standards, he found new life. “For a week now, I have a personal relationship with the Lord, but God has been working with me all this time,” he said. “I am grateful to Josh, the author of such wonderful books, simple and accessible for understanding. Thank God that He was able, through these books and film, to take the right direction in life.”

Together we can help more people, like Alexey, find hope and healing through Jesus Christ. Give now to help our partners share God’s truth in Europe and Russian’s post-Christian culture.

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